Other issues:

N.B. the operator’s manual was for the 4X2 model and in Chinese!!

1-I asked for army green. First they wanted more money in spite of the advertised “any colour”. They finally complied but the layer of paint was extremely thin and, according to the inspection report, was already showing rust at the plant.

Moreover, some sections not visible from outside the vehicle were not painted at all, not even with primer: bare metal left exposed.

2- The electrical system has a panel cut off switch. Notwithstanding the dual batteries discharge after about 72 hours. I installed a mechanical battery cut off switch. Note that each battery is 140 amps so to discharge in two or three days means a large leakage.

3- The hydraulic tank for the hydraulic system was not full. The existing oil was sufficient to lift the dumper only about 2/3 the way.

4- The driver’s inside door latch failed. A bolt had not been sufficiently tightened and had fallen off.

5- The lower leading edge of the dumper box was preventing the gear shift linkages from full movement so Chengli cut out two holes with a cutting torch. Sloppy and no repainting.

6- The gear shift mechanism is terribly difficult. Occasionally the truck remains stuck in reverse or in first forward or one cannot shift to the second higher gear when in motion while the traffic backs up behind, honking and cursing.

This problem has been tentatively identified as being cause by too much play in the whole system of linkages and rods from the gear shift lever to the transmission. I have disassembled two pivot points, drilled and tapped to install grease zerks.

I will update on this as we try to optimise the situation, naturally without any help from Chengli.

7- The dual fuel tanks have two valves. We still do not know how to operate the valves and we only run on one tank. Given that we hardly use the truck do to problems, this is no great inconvenience.

8- The dumper box, when raised, has a security bar that can be lifted up to prevent the dumper box from coming back down when servicing. Check out the sophisticated hinge mechanism that Chengli devised. Remote view

9- The hydraulic lines, air lines et cetera are subject to erosion due to truck vibration and their proximity to metal parts, sometimes sharp metal parts. Note rubber padding that I have installed– and here

Here, etc