Trade assurance on Alibaba expires 45 days approximately dating from the date of shipment. I believe that this has changed now but then it was in effect.

For some reason Chengli shipped the truck via such a route that the vehicle changed ships at some point and only arrived in Chile after about 60 days.

When I received it, the trade assurance had already expired. It is possible that it had not actually expired but the contact person told me that it had expired.

Two lessons:

1-Alibaba is not that interested in the buyers but tends to favor the sellers who pay Alibaba to be “Gold Suppliers”– which really does not guarantee the buyer of anything. As far as warranties are concerned, Alibaba plays no part in enforcement unless you initiate your claim before the short trade assurance period closes.

2- Chengli may have deliberately chosen the longest route possible to allow trade assurance to expire before inspection was possible. I suspect that they were unaware of the serious problems but probably wanted to avoid having to answer for anything that might have come up.