The guarantee on the contract specified 12 months from date of delivery.

No sooner had we resolved the problem with the 4x4 and off road system that I noticed a disconcerting vibration associated with the drive system when climbing a hill at low speed.

Lifting the dumper box, I observed that the transfer case is supported by two rubber mounted arms attached to the chassis at right angles to the long axis of the truck and another support above the transfer case that is designed to allow some play with the transfer case. The rubber mount part of this support had failed breaking in half and thus the transfer case was allowed to move beyond the design limits imparting a very noticeable shaking to the whole vehicle.

Another round of e-mails and photos to Chengli and assurances that they would consult with their engineer and Dongfeng. Absolutely nothing of substance was forthcoming although this was clearly part of the guarantee being that it was relevant to the drive train.

Even worse, Albert, the young “sales manager” had the cheek to offer me a new bracket for USD80.00. What this really showed with outstanding clarity was that no one really understood the problem in spite of photos and explanations (the bracket had not failed but rather the rubber shock absorber) and that Chengli has/had no intention of ever responding to a warranty issue no matter how justified.

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