Around this time, now having passed about ten and half months with zero help from Chengli or Dongfeng, I returned to the DC electrician of the first instance (now with the Chilean monsoons mostly finished). Within three hours he determined that the wiring harness for the 4x4 and off road gearing system was disconnected, moreover, it had never been connected as the two connectors had been secured with plastic ties in such a way that the connectors could not meet without cutting the plastic ties.

Accordingly: The truck left the Dongfeng factory in 4x4 mode and with the wiring disconnected.

The activation switches for the 4x4 function and the off road function was found to be unenergised– there being a safety switch on the panel which had to be tripped first. To discover this the electrician had to remove the dashboard to reveal and trace the wiring.

Upon being advised of this discovery, Chengli remained silent.

Needless to say they never offered to defray the cost nor offer any apologies for all the 11 months of totally inadequate technical service over a matter that turned out very simple in nature but complicated to discover. Why could they not have provided the instructions in how to activate the 4x4 and off road systems?

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