He disassembled the fuel filter manifold pump and suggested that the one way rubber check valve was perhaps slowly allowing the fuel to drain back to the filters.

I carefully took photos of the filter manifold, the rubber check valve and of the twin filters that had been so overtightened at some point, presumably the Dongfeng factory, that they were dented when we tried to remove them. The mechanic suggested that over tightening may cause the rubber filter seals to leak. Note that almost all filters carry instructions to tighten by hand and usually to then further tighten a quarter turn. The photos were sent on to Tom at Chengli and I requested a new rubber check valve and two new filters. They agreed. (pending)

4x4 and off road gearing systems:

The months passed whilst I requested a proper manual and how to get the truck out of 4x4 mode and how to activate the high/low highway/offroad systems. Countless e-mails back and forth. Useless replies.

I was not 100% certain that the transfer case was stuck in 4x4 after all, who would imagine that Dongfeng would deliver to Chengli a vehicle in such a configuration apt only for off road use?

 After about two months of using the truck only to pass the licencing and make two short distance deliveries, I jacked it up from all four wheels and found that, indeed, there was traction being sent forward and aft. I sent a whatsapp video the vendor who by this time as beginning to lapse as far as communication was concerned.

I insisted with e-mails and I was assured that Chengli was doing everything possible to obtain information from Dongfeng.

Owing to the lack of useful feedback from Chengli, I sought out a differential specialist to analyse the problem. After an examination he suggested that the problem was electrical and I would therefore have to take the truck to a automotive wiring specialist.

The DC electrician of first choice was too busy so in the following days I tried others, two declined as they considered the matter beyond their ken. Another accepted to take a look but without positive result.

All this while the weeks and months are dragging on and Chengli is always promising to push Dongfeng to get a response.

I began to take a more active role in the analysis and took to examining the wiring and fuse panel. By this time Tom had either quit or been “retired” and the new sales person, Albert, a gentleman of about 25 years of age or less with the impressive title of “Sales Manager” was kind enough to send a translation of the fuse box legend that was in Chinese.

There were two relays in the fuse panel that were unidentified and I requested information regarding their function. I was promised that my request would be channelled to Dongfeng.

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