Chengli Special Automobile Company Limited

My 12 months of personal experience with this company and its staff:


After several false starts on Alibaba, I located this company who assured me that they could deliver a Euro V, 4x4 Dongfeng dumper with a set of spares and a one year guarantee on the drive train and 30 days on certain components. The truck arrived with the toolset stolen, without the spares and DEFECTIVE. Countless whatsapp, e-mails and photos over the months only produced promises and absolutely nothing useful to resolve the defects. The company admitted that the spares had not been sent and promised to send them. Given the mechanical defects, delivery of the spares was postponed to permit inclusion of potential replacement parts to resolve the various problems.

10 months of requests for technical assistance never produced anything useful.

When I finally requested delivery of the spares, the company complained of the high cost of shipment. Note that I had paid customs and clearance on spares that were absent and would have to pay again as there is no mechanism to correct for missing items in a shipment with regard to customs.

I suggested to Chengli that if they replaced/included another toolkit with the spares, I would pay for the seafreight, desconsolidation, manifest, customs, brokerage etc. They agreed.

After they sent the “goods” to my agent in China, I requested a packing list whereupon I discovered that the spares would NOT be sent. They justified this with some spurious fabrications that were contradicted by all the e-mail exchanges.

The latest update on this is that now the company says that they indeed sent the spares this matter is currently on hold pending arrival and inspection of the shipment. Note that they had agreed to share costs on export documentation which they failed to do. Their crate was in poor shape and had to be replaced– they refused to defray this expense.

What is certain is that the truck arrived stuck in 4x4, the 4x4 switch inoperative and likewise inactive the low range gearing for off road use; not to mention that the truck would not start on the wharf owing to a pressure leak between the fuel filter manifold and the injectors.

The aforementioned are only some of the several problems encountered with the vehicle. The responses from Chengli were always rapid but absolutely devoid of any useful technical support and this situation carried on without any change for 11 months.


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